Early Childhood Education, A Key To Life-Long Success

“The sooner the better” is the perfect tag line for early childhood education. There is no magic bullet to ensure a lifetime of self-fulfillment in personal and career terms. But rigorous research shows that high-quality early childhood education is an extraordinarily powerful means to promote continued success in school, in the workplace, and also in … More Early Childhood Education, A Key To Life-Long Success

NMYF Project

This building was being used as a drug house in the Moraton area in San Ignacio. BDU is working with NMYF (Nancy Marin Youth Foundation) to transform it into a place where youths can come for training, counseling, learn to use computers, prepare for jobs and more. We have 3 computers on the way to … More NMYF Project

From the Ground Up

Youth and Adults Improve Communities Recent calls for change from throughout the country have communities and individuals thinking about innovative solutions to national and local issues. The after-school movement has become a key force in this effort. If, as a nation, we are to join with all humankind in achieving a more democratic world, we … More From the Ground Up