Below are our long term goals, they will be done in conjunction with already existing orgs that are already doing the work on the ground.

We are currently working on Education and will be expanding into new areas as we grow.


  • Counseling – Offering counseling to youths via other orgs offering these services.
  • The Hub – Work with local tv and radio stations to spread the word and share media that aid our causes, 
ultimately creating our own.
  • Schools – Work with schools on creating better environments, course material and implementing technology.
  • Private Sector – Work with local businesses to provide jobs for graduates and resources for schools.
  • Classes – Offer workshops for families (parenting, gangs, drugs, etc.)
  • SPRED – Special Public Relations and Education Development (our local office in Belize).

Community Services

  • Light Bearers – Youths being shining examples to other youths.
  • Planters – Working with agencies on preservation and environmental issues.
  • The ARK – Community services and rehabilitation.
  • Alpha and Omega – An on the ground group that finds issues that need addressing and 
provide follow up support.
  • 360 – Working with people already in jails to end the negative circles and create positive ones.
  • Soup Kitchen – Work with or create local offices to provide food for homeless.
  • Food Friend – Youths provide food and company for elderly and work to create a free school  feeding program (maybe a farm and we get people from jails to work).

Social Concerns

  • Violence and Abuse – Work with local agencies to support victims of violence and abuse.
  • Medical – Work with medical practitioners on public talks, education and other services to be offered for free to communities.
  • Share – implement a system where items like lightly used clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. can be shared with the needy for free.
  • Government – Work with Government to create and assist with programs to help us with lowering tax costs, creating grants to help people start a business.

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